It’s not unusual to confuse Breathwork with Meditation. While these two activities have something in common, a focus on breathing, that’s about all they share. Meditation has a strong mental aspect and takes a great deal of time and dedication to really benefit from.

Breathwork, on the other hand, is a far simpler activity. Its aim is to stimulate very specific physiological changes and through that desirable neurological changes. These changes are often referred to as the “Relaxation Response”, while there is a little more to it than that, relaxation response is easy to remember and gives a good idea of what is taking place.

You are probably aware of the phrase mind-body connection. It is a very real thing, what is often not recognised is that the phrase can be turned around to; body-mind connection. This fact is crucial to the value of Breathwork, by carefully managing our breathing (body), we can beneficially effect our mind and wider neurology. This allows us to create a virtuous circle; slow smoother correct breathing calms the mind which causes the Autonomic Nervous System to enter a relaxed ’safe’ state which then enables slower deeper breathing etc. 

Further more, the relaxed safe state of the ANS also makes the entire body more receptive to Bowen treatment, maximising the effectiveness of the treatment.

The reverse of the above mentioned virtuous circle is the vicious circle of fear / pain / anxiety causing shallow tense breathing which in turn causes the ANS to signal more fear  and anxiety which lowers the pain threshold making the injury / ailment feel worse. Trying to treat someone in this state can be pretty hit and miss and may account for inconsistent outcomes that that you may have experienced previously.

Every Bowen session includes some Breathwork, It usually only takes a few minutes but it greatly enhances the treatment process.

Stephen Forde sitting in a meditation posture

This kind of sitting while helpful for Meditation isn’t necessary for effective Breathwork. 

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