The choices we make every day can have a cumulative effect on our lives that can become long lasting. This can of course be a good or bad thing. Good choices bring good long term rewards, unfortunately we sometimes make bad choices and worse still we don’t notice the choices we make or we don’t realise that what we are doing is having a negative effect on our lives.

Everybody knows that we should eat well, take exercise, reduce our stress levels etc. etc.

But that can all be easier said than done, what’s a good diet? What exercise and how much is enough? Reducing stress is probably the hardest of all issues to deal with, most of us don’t know how much is too much, we often don’t recognise when stress is starting to impact our lives and how to cope with it when we finally realise we have a problem.

I’ll help you to address all of these issues during your Bowen session.

If you have a desire to improve your fitness, but are not a fan of going to the gym, I offer a Personal Training service where I come to your home. Please visit my PT website:

Stephen Forde Meditating
Stephen Forde Hiking
Stephen Forde Tai Chi Low Posture
Stephen Forde SanTi Posture
Stephen Forde Tai Chi kick
Stephen Forde trail Running

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